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{What Next} Weekend fun.

For this weekend only, What next has released an adorable picnic set for below price!

The lanterns you see are out for lazy sunday, the picnic set (including the wearable guitar) is for SUYS, and not pictured are two adorable cat beds for Project Themeory!

The prices of all of these will return to normal after this weekend so hurry while you can!

{What Next}

Thank you Ella and Enya for posing and looking pretty!



{What Next} Christmassy Goodness

What next has been more than awesome with all the christmas/winter wonderland releases. I’ve never had so much christmas furniture and deco in my inventory before.

(Christmas Tree and piano not from What next)

{What Next}

{What Next} Wintery goodness

I adore the holiday season, it means warm blankets, hot coco, christmas tree lights, wintery decorations, and just…happiness and fun.

This year i won’t be able to celebrate christmas because of real life changes but it just makes it much more funner to decorate my little pixely home.

What next has released many many new seasonal decorations including An iced over pond, beautiful snowy picture props, stockings, and adorable wall decals

{What Next} Bric-a-brac wreath (large)

{What Next} Parson brown snowman

{What next} Paper Snowflakes

{What next} Fancy giftboxes

A little different but i love this stuff <33

{What Next}

{What Next} Nordic Cabin

There’s four options when figuring out how much moola (Money) you want to spend on this cute little cabin~

Furnished with snow
Unfurnished with snow
Furnished without snow
Unfurnished without snow

I love the Furnished with snow, i’m not such a great decorator and it’s easier to rezz the little log and and have it unfold itself.

– the sofa seats two with cuddles (cuddles on 2 end pillows) or singles in all pillows, touch the wooden base for a reading book.ย  There’s also a few animations in the steps and railing.

– The stove has a menu, open the door to access logfire FX and sit on it to use the handwarming animations. It also has smoke coming out the chimney.

– kettle dispenses mugs of hot chocolate

Be careful if you move the cabin as the doors and stove door are unlinked!

{What Next}

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I had planned on trying to get this out last night and be all on top of my a game and then the sickness washed over. Oh yes, the stomach gripping, nerves popping out of your head, “I want to sew my mouth shut” vomit goodness. Enough TMI, pretty uh…living room sets now? My excuse for not wanting to type a lot is still being very disgustingly sick..yay!..

Click the cups, they give you coco.

There’s 19 pieces in all, If you buy the whole collection you get 20% off and a few collection of mugs.

The sofas, ottoman, lampshades all have texture changing options, ranging from warm and seasonal rich browns, golds to sage green.

Skybox used – Molto bene Small skybox

For a full range of the furniture in the laurel collection teleport to {What Next}

Butterflies and Lanterns

I think winter is a working machine, it seems every day i wake up, check my flickr, and notice there’s more furniture out! Holy smokey man!

This release is half halloween, half normal…picture props!

The halloween Witch and candle lanterns, the witch goes around…but wait…clockwise or counter clock wise? ;D MAAGGICC

The butterfly chair comes with 10 female poses, you can change the color and if you’re shorter (like myself) it’s adjustable ๐Ÿ™‚

With these also came a super cute snow day sled which i haven’t figured out how to blog since it’s too adorable to just stick on a colored background! i shall found an adorable sim and make everyone jealous of my cuteness ๐Ÿ˜‰

{ What Next}

This is halloween

{ What Next } Is one of my favorite stores to get furniture and decorative items in second life, since it’s october it’s only right to be setting out much more halloween themed furniture and sets and pretty clothes and skins and sho-…wait what…


Pumpkin man

Witchtastic cauldrons!

Mmmm glowey

I have a taste for pumpkins and glitter

Raven’s…funny you mention them ๐Ÿ˜‰

It took me a minute to realize they were Bats, Cats, and pumpkins. I thought they were ninjas

My little set up with pun’kins and moons


What next is kinda cool and shit

Bed – Soap

Skybox – Zacca

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