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Sn@tch it up.

I’ve been a long time fan and customer of sn@tch,  i think my first outfit was from sn@tch (it was neko ears/tail, and a dress..i was one of THOSE noobs). Over the past 3 years i’ve seen Ivey become better and better and grow out. As a younger SLer, i looked forward to her sales and all of her events like her halloween hunt/quest every year, or her christmas and retiring sales. Sn@tch has stuck with me throughout my entire stay on SL and i’m a kid in a candy shop when it comes to being able to speak to her. in IM. IN IM. Guys, that’s like..hitting the jackpot for me.

I was over joyed to be able to blog for her and as a way of showing how most of her clothing can really pull a look together, or add to an awesome outfit i’ve put together 6 outfits using items from her newer releases.

My soundtrack for today: Datsik & Flux Pavillion – Game over

Outfit 1

Hair – Lelutka
Skin – Dernier Cri
Necklace – (NS)
Bag – Aura
Corset – SN@TCH
Dress – Kyoot
Shoes – Lelutka
Poses – *ES*

Outfit 2

Hair –
Skin – Aura
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel
Dimple Piercings – Hod
Feather Earring – Bellballs
Bodysuit – HolliPocket
Bra – W&B
Corset – Plastik
Belt – Blitzed
Bracelet – Hod
Pants – SN@TCH
Boots – Plastik
Poses – Marukin

Outfit 3

Horns – Titianas court
Ears/tail – Atomic
Hair – Lamb
Skin – Curio
Shirt – Atomic
Pants – SN@TCH
Shoes – Violent Seduction
Poses – Diesel Works

Outfit 4

Hair – Lelutka
Skin – Laq (Old christmas gift)
Guitar – u.f.o.
Shirt – SN@TCH
Highwaist corset ( Technically highwaist undies) – Gawk
Belt – MM’s
Skirt – Aura
Shoes – Lelutka
Poses – Ploom

Outfit 5

Hair – Exile
Skin – League
Collar – Sinistyle
Necklace – NS
Shrug – Grave (part of g206 Defence)
Underbust – Kyoot
Bra – Sweetest Goodbye (closed now?)
Shirt – SN@TCH
Belt – Hermony
Glove – Cheerno
Armwarmer – Maitreya
Skirt – insanya
Stockings – insanya (comes with above listed skirt)
Boots – Tonktastic
Poses – Ploom, Empersonate, illmatic

Outfit 6

Hair – (fd)
Skin – YS & YS
Scarf – (nsd)
Vest – Kiitos
Tank top – SN@TCH
Long Sleeve – Genre
Corset –
Belt – Blitzed
Pants – SN@TCH (Comes with tank top stated above)
Boots – Plastik
Poses – Glitterati

I hope you take the chance to visit sn@tch and create marvelous outfits, her clothing is something everyone needs!


   – L


Lookbook 009

Hair – Lamb

Hair flower –

Skin – Curio

Eyeliner – Mock

Shirt – Kyoot

Long sleeve – Kyoot

Belt – MM’s

Pants – Atomic

Shoes – Periquita

Poses – Olive Juice

Currently Listening To:  Donora – Shh

3.4.11 / lookbook 008

I’ve discovered most my looks turn into things i’d wear in real life, instead of the avant garde, high fashion, and out of the oridinary fashion i see on the feeds. Maybe that makes me boring, but i can dig it.


Hair – Truth

Hair flower –

Skin – YS & YS

Lip tint – Luckless

Necklace – Whippet And Buck

Shirt – Luck inc.

Belt – MM’s

Pants – Atomic

Shoes – ANEXX

Poses – Glitterati

Currently Listening To: Aerosmith – Pink

Both in cherry

The hairstyles this week come in 2 different styles each and streak options.

They both will honestly go with ANYTHING but Florence, in my opinion, is the week favorite. It’s cute but can also be used in different outfits for a more chic/bed head look.


*Boom* Righteous Muff

I decided to do it a little different this time, instead of just doing the item i’m blogging i decided to blog then but include them in a full outfit. For me it helps because sometimes i have NO clue what to wear and being able to come back and look at full outfits i blogged, well, it just becomes easier to put together ensembles that day.

The Righteous Muff scarf comes in 35 colors, and is unisex and has a resizing so it fits every shape.  It comes with an adorable icy breathe attachment and comes with a mirrored version.

It’s super cute and i adore wearing it with everything ❤

Bigger size on Flickr


From Left to right

Hair – Truth, Lamb, Lamb

Skin – Laq, Pink Fuel, Plastik

Jacket – Reek, Madsy

Dress (Far right) – Atomic

Shirt – DP*Yumyum,,

Pants(Left) – Atomic

Skirt (Middle) – Paper.Doll

Shoes – Kao, INDI, Kookie

Poses – Glitterati

Listening To: The Crystal Method – Born too slow


Magik quickie

Magika has released new hair which is absolutely ADORABLE!

This time it comes with no mouth..chewing options but both come with a 2nd color and hair band changeable colors!

This is kind of a quickie because i have a LOT of homework and studying to do for many finals tomorrow but have fun and check out Magika

Layne (In red pack) , Josie (In blond pack)

Magika :3!

Wearing –

Skin – Pink fuel

Poses – Glitterati

Shirt – Atomic


Tyranny, in a few weeks/months, will becoming Grixdale. All her stuff will be the same, but a lot of older items will be going away (Or already have) and she’ll be rebranding.

Ploom Zen Hair and mouth feathers

The ploom zen pieces are out now for 99L a piece, they come in separate colors, get them all! Only available for Stumblebum!

Song Bird Re-duex

Available for Themeory, 5 colors in all for 75L (I think? haha)

Tyranny/ Grixdale is the bomb diggity yo

Whats lanie wearing:

Hair – Lamb

Undershirt – Atomic

Over shirt – Atomic

Pose – Unknown?

Currently Listening To: Cocorosie – Lemonade

This isn’t a playground for kids

Luck inc released tank tops as well as tied tops. The tied tops come in 28 different designs all together, there’s 12 different patterns and 16 different colors. Instead of posting all the different colors and patterns i thought i’d do a little look book type thing again. I find the tops sexy and i can wear them with anything, on top of anything, or under anything…etc…etc…I’d suggest picking up every color possible 🙂

Hop and skip away from Luck inc

What is lanie wearing?:

Hair – The GL

Tattoo – Atomic

Pants – Luck inc

Shoes – KBOOTS

Bracelet – Hod

Piercing – Hod

Currently Listening To: Pendulum – Crush