1.28.11/Lookbook 003 & news!

I’m more than sorry for never blogging any more, a lot is going on in real life and i’m trying hard to not make that my excuse!

The news; The new themed poses @ the theme market will be up soon! and Feburary 8th will be the last day you can purchase items at Eahh!

For more information about Eahh and for a slurl to the event hall go here , here , and here

I have items 3 items at my mainstore at the theme market and at the event hall that go towards donations towards Eahh.

Now onto the look and hair!

Hair – Truth

Skin – Curio

Shirt, Skirt, Bag, Shoes – Milk Motion

Poses – [.Zombie Fetus.]

The hair i’m wearing is a new release from Truth.

All in Barley

There’s three new releases and they all come with streaks and Billie and Odette come with attachment points

Billie comes with a cute hat that changes colors, Neve has adorable hair bands that can either be recolored or go invisible, and Odette is super adorable and is my favorite this week. It comes with bangs that you can wear with it but it’s an option.


Listening to; Date Rape – Sublime


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